Can we have a friends list/followers on the forum?

Since I’m probably going to be moving away from Bukkit, this may be my new home.

I was wondering if we could have a friends list thing AND/OR a followers thingy. That would be cool. :smiley: I’ll probably post more in this thread if I can think of something.


Yeah that would be cool, and this is a great place and I hope you fit right in!

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Great idea would make tracking certain devs much easier.

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Thank you!

I was also thinking that using this FlatUI design, we could have like badges that indicate what we do or our purpose here. Maybe something like Admin, Moderator, etc. underneath our names or our icons or something. That would be cool.

Maybe even do something like that for the community, if you’re mainly a developer, server owner or something, you could get your own badge as well… And maybe you’d have to prove yourself before you can get it, like… you have to have created ‘x’ amount of plugins/whatever to have a “Developer” tag, and you have to run a server that has a certain amount of hits or something to get the “Server Owner” tag. Just ideas to think about.


Once again good ideas. And it would help with grouping people so it is easier to find people you need to find. I actually applied to be a Dev for Sponge and haven’t heard back yet though.

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This community is growing quickly and is coming up with many good ideas. I’m all for it.

I am happy to hear it and really looking forward to the first release of Sponge to come out!

Another feature I would like to see eventually would be a news post feature like on most forums sites you see today. Somewhere where you can see the news on a front page otherwise it won’t get out to a lot of users as whether we like it or not, a lot of people never make it past the first page of a website/forums.


Good idea like bukkit they had that like if a new release came out or if a admin had something important to say. That would be a REALLY good idea.

All of these sound great and would definitely help on the forums.

I’d love a friends list, then I could be friends with my fellow octopi. Hey @octoshrimpy!

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I would like to see some of these ideas implemented…definitely. I’m not sure why we’re using this forum software (forget the name), and I’m not really sure how compatible new themes, add-ons, etc. are with it. If it were up to me, I would have used a Xenforo software.

EDIT; the name of this forum’s software is Discourse.

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I probably would’ve done the same thing, but this is a new change of pace, it has new things, and it’s quite an attractive theme in my opinion.

I hope these ideas get implemented as well, but I don’t want the administrators to get too tied up in things.

It’ll also take some getting used to, but I’m sure it’ll grow on us.

I’m going to move this to the Meta category as that is what it exists for : )

Thank you, sorry for posting in the wrong section, still getting used to this new forum.

I kinda like Discourse. I think the reason that most projects use Xenforo is because they want an all in one site, wheras Sponge will have a website, wiki and separate forums. Discourse isn’t that different from xenforo, and is (in my opinion) better.

we need dis