Can you still submit your logo design?

Just wondering if you can still submit your logo design for Sponge, because I put quite some effort into my design and I can’t find where to submit it?

EDIT: Here’s mine:

The Logo design were submited here : Sponge logos - Google Docs
i don’t realy know if you can still submite your design :confused:

Thanks for the reply, aw okay ._.

No Problem ^^ anytime :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they’re still looking for logo designs. The newest update says it right here:

We are still looking for a new logo. The yellow “Sp” is (probably) temporary.

Hmm, I wonder where I would submit it ._. Because you can’t edit the Google doc…

i found this link about people posting and voting, Plus on reddit there some other who are posting for the banner !

on the google docs there is a note :

pm if you want to add your submission

Chech irc For help :slight_smile:

We haven’t established an official place to take logo designs yet.

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Heres mine then I guess @sk89q

Not being rude or something but they said they are looking for something professional :confused: ( my opinion )

@Miodo Sorry mate I just wanted to contribute…

I realy apreciate your effort = ) , i’m just user here lol, i like it btw :wink:

Finally! A washing sponge. :smiley:
I’ve been lobbying for someone to cover that idea for some time already.

It is the typical Australian washing sponge :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. It is the typical anyone’s washing sponge. I was just trying to raise awareness how all the logo submitters are thinking only about sponge in the sense of absorbing water (from bukkit, or whatever), while this kind of sponge has two great aspects that maybe nobody really gave too much thought to:

  • It reminds of dirt with grass block from MC (or of the original MC logo anyway);
  • It can be interpreted like the project behind this logo should “clean up” the current mess.