Can you use sponge coremod with canary mod?

I have tried to install forge on a canary server but it just made another server software.

Forge is not compatible with canary out of the box


While the CanaryMod team are looking into possible creating this, don’t get your hopes up. However I am the leader developer of Arno, which is a Minecraft Forge coremod implementing CanaryLib.

So there might be a SpongeCanary?

If it becomes a thing, it probably wouldn’t have that name.

To add onto my earlier point I am now also working on a project called Jupiter, it is a SpongeAPI implementation for CanaryLib.

What would a SpongeCanary look like?

Time will tell.

Im gonna take a guess and say 80% of the dev team is going to groan at the prospect of managing yet another implementation of sponge. Lets get what we have perfect.


The Sponge dev team is not obligated to maintain other implementations :wink: