Can't change Avatar

Hey guys, I can’t seem to change my avatar, When I go to my settings there’s no option to change it from what I can see. Do I have to wait longer before I can change it, or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks in advance!

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In your preferences you should find the following list of options:

  • Username
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Profile Picture

Profile Picture is what you’re looking for.

It’s there but it has no option to change it, it’s just an image. I can change my background just fine though.

Hmm good point. I think you used to be able to just click on the picture in the preferences and change it then, but that doesn’t work for me either.

Not sure if that’s a bug or if we’re both stupid xD

5 bucks on being stupid. (Throws money into a pot)

For me, it grabbed an old avatar I had uploaded to Gravatar. Give that a shot.

It’s disabled for the moment while we move to @windy’s SpongeAuth, which should be in a couple of days (just waiting on a couple new features).

Sorry about that, but we should be done soon! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I guess I’ll be losing those 5 dollars.


You can now change your avatar at Hooray. You might need to log out of the forums and then back in for the change to actually take effect.

Woooo! Thank you!!

I changed my avatar and logged in and out a few times and I still don’t see a change, also checked some other browsers in case the data was just cached but nope.

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The avatar change feature that you said is active is not in fact working or active. It never updates from a spongie.

@curscascis Heard. I can confirm this issue and will be looking into it tomorrow. Sorry about that.

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No worries :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the update

This is still an issue, at least for me.

are you using ?

Sorry, it’s now :stuck_out_tongue:


Works for me, but i had to Ctrl + F5 the page to see the Avatar changed :smiley:

THANK YOU! Figured it out :smile:

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My avatar was completely reset. I had to use that link to restore it.

I was not a pleasant experience :-1:. I had hoped “everything reset every day” from Ore wont affect any actually running non-beta site.