Can't /give Mod Items

Hi there, I was doing some stuff with a lootbox plugin whenever I couldn’t seem to get it to give me a mod item, I thought it might just not have been compatible with mods but then I realized that it was just executing the /give command, so I tried to /give the item, and whenever I was typing it in I could hit tab and it auto typed in the Mod ID and the Item… but then it sorta just told me it didn’t exist, this was happening wit every item from every mod. Please help.

This is not a ghost town at all. My last reply to a post was yesterday

As for the issue at hand. What plugins do you have installed?

The 2014 hype is gone but as soon as the new API will be release, Sponge will be up to date with Minecraft version, and the hype will come back.

And yeah MoseMister is doing a great job helping people everyday here

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I have quite a few so that would be a pain to list, but the major ones would be Essentials X, Factions X, Luck Perms, Vault, Clear Lag, World Edit, and World Guard. I highly doubt that something like Custom Crates or Mineable Spawners would affect this at all. So the ones I listed I hope will provide the answer, if not then I guess I could list the rest.

The list you have given are bukkit plugins not sponge plugins? Are you using Sponge, Bukkit or some sort of unsupported hybrid?

Lol, I guess I didn’t quite think about it. I was just using a website that makes it easy to host a server for free that automatically has all of the stuff built in, I just type in what I’m looking for and hit install and it auto puts it into the server for me. My apologies.

Fair enough. Its probably running bukkit then.

You can test if sponge is working by simply running the following command

/Sponge plugins

If it is then get back to us, if its not and you can live with sponge/forge alternative plugins then also get back to us too.

More then happy to help

Yeah, it didn’t work

It means bukkit is installed (probably) and not sponge. Sadly I cannot help you as my bukkit crash knowledge is minimal. I would however recommend heading to the spigot/paper forums to attempt to get it fixed.

Or if you want mods then switch the server to forge and install sponge. Sadly there is no official way to run bukkit plugins on forge, however there are some questionable unofficial ways to get them working together. However looking at your main plugins you specificed, most work on sponge or have sponge alternatives so you could just go SpongeForge+Forge and get the sponge versions of your plugins to have almost the same experience just with mods and on 1.12.2 (if your not already)

Yeah, but this is a website hosting my server for free on their systems so that the speed of my server isn’t limited by my PC, I think it’s running Magma to allow combination of the two, but ye, my bad.

BukkitAPI servers do not support string ids. You can only use numbers. Keep in mind that the id of items from mods will be generated every time the server starts and they may change (in some cases). I highly discourage using Forge + Bukkit servers. This bunch was made by a programmer from Russia out of boredom, but then he realized that this was a dead end and it is simply not possible to make a high-quality implementation. However, the idea was picked up by programmers from other countries and a bunch of Frankensteins appeared…
PS: Sorry for my English. I used google translate.

I mean, it works fine, I found the plugin that was the problem, it was EssentialsX and it changed how /give works a bit, that’s why I could /give my mod items was because according to EssentialsX they didn’t exist… which really sucks because like the name suggests there are some pretty essential plugins in it.

Yeah, thats the main issue going bukkit+forge.

Bukkit has hard coded (so cannot change) lists of all the items, blocks and entity types in the game while forge … Well adds to that list.

There isnt much a programmer can do to get around the list issue without breaking compatibility with bukkit plugins and the ones that do typically are questionable with the licence agreement, so may not be legal in the first place.

I personally have made a Bukkit implementation that gets around that modifies the list but it doesnt ship with the bukkit API. Instead the user had to inject it into the plugin (ps, it works well for the small list of compatible plugins)

For whatever reason, there exists bad blood between Bukkit and Forge, and from what I’ve seen from researching the subject, most of the negativity has been from the Bukkit camp, who pseudo-politely told cpw to take a running jump when he proposed that both projects try to come together to some extent - the vibe I got was that team Bukkit is actively hostile toward all things Forge because Forge appears to be perceived as a competitor, and since Bukkit was first to build a workable serverside API they had all of the glory and weren’t about to give it up for some upstart. Sadly, since then, it looks like Bukkit development has started to stagnate but Forge is on a tear (Bukkit started as server-only, while Forge built up a strong base in the SSP world and is now unified-SSP/SMP friendly), and mod authors are swinging from primarily-SSP modding solutions like Modloader, et al toward Forge support in increasing numbers.

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