Cant keep up!

Timings log below:

No one is even on and I receive the timing error.
Minecraft Forge:
SpongeForge: DEV
SpongeAPI: 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT-4c0d27c
Minecraft: 1.8.9

As you can see it is java 8, x64bit
Now i know my ram is only 1gb but the fact that no one is even on should be no issue with 1gb of ram.

Running 2857ms behind, skipping 57 tick(s)

Can’t keep up is (almost?) always an indication that, well, the server can’t do what it’s being told to do fast enough. Modded MC is a lot more intensive than vanilla, both in CPU and RAM usage. In my experience, you usually need at least 3 gigs of ram if you’re running a modpack, but preferably more. I’d also recommend a middle to high-end processor, keeping in mind that single-core performance is what counts for an MC server.

You might be able to get away with 2 gigs of RAM, unless Thaumcraft on its own is too heavy for that (I’m no expert on timings, but since TC Aura Nodes were on the top of the entity list, I’m assuming it’s the most intensive entity type on your server).

Keep an eye on cpu/ram usage with htop (I’m assuming your server is running a Linux distro, since you use OpenJDK), and you’ll see whether or not the server is capping its allocated RAM or your available CPU power.

You are not alone but my issue is worse. I am running sponge vanilla and I get that. When I use spigot I never get that error. I really hope they fix these issues making ti run better for all.

1gb of ram IS the issue. Thaumcraft is not lite on memory at all. Every additional mod you add adds to the ram requirements. Isn’t the fault of Sponge, your asking your server to do more than it can with 1gb ram.