Can't open forum in Chrome due to SPDY error


I’m using Chrome 48.0.2564.82 (64-bit) on Linux Mint 17.3 desktop. Main site works well, but when I try to open forum, I get:


Also, my friend using Chrome opens forum without problem. I’m writing this post from Firefox, but Chrome is my primary browser with all favourites etc.


You might try updating chrome. The latest version is: 54.0.2840.59. You’ll probably have to add the chrome repo for mint which is:


Interesting. I’m currently using Chromium Version 55.0.2883.75 because I am getting EOFs from any “forum.” sub domain page in Firefox ESR 45.6.0.

I tested on Discourse’s test forum and Firefox works fine there. Seems to be maybe a weird misconfig here?


Perhaps the strict transport security ttl is too low? I seem to remember that SPDY wants half a year at least. Could you mayhaps look into this, @Dockter or @lukegb? :slight_smile:


Okay, @SecurityInsanity was right - upgrading Chrome to newest version fixed problem. I had tturned off Google repository, dunno why.


Forgot to reply - this should be fine now. That said: if you’re running an old version of Chrome, you should really update.


The most widespread reason of this error is outdated browser, please consider updating it as been advised in previous comments. Here is a very detailed and comprehensive instruction, just browse the site . In most of cases the issue solves on the updating stage, in case it doesn’t try to do next:

  1. Clear temporary files, cookies, caches
  2. Use Chrome Cleanup tool
  3. Check your antivirus.



  1. First, check all LED light, DSL light should stable and internet light should blink.
  2. Reset Winsock.
  3. Flush DNS.
  4. Replace your DNS with Google Public DNS.
  5. Update network driver if requires.
    If you still get this error then Read Here, It’s working for me.