Cant show LuckPerm prefixes

I made a group with LuckPerms and I added prefixes to the group. I know that you need another plugin to do that, but I dont know what sponge compatible plugins work with the prefixes in LuckPerms, if there are any?

Prefixes should work fine with just LuckPerms, unless you have something that interfers with it. Did you set weights on them? If you have one with a higher weight, it will show that one over the other.

On all the youtube videos I watched on LuckPerms, they say that you need a chat plugin to use the prefixes

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You might have been looking at Spigot servers

Well its not working and its the only single plugin I have so I dont know why its not working.

Try adding Nucleus, you’ll need it anyway, if it doesn’t work then, you’ve probably done something wrong

You are correct. Sponge does nothing special to chat formatting by itself, it just makes it possible for plugins to modify it. Nucleus will do it, as will most other chat plugins.

I assumed they were already using Nucleus and were talking about a specific plugin for chat formating /shrug

ok thanks I will get Nucleus

oh sorry, im kind of a noob

we have Luck perms and nucleus installed with groups set up and prefixes are not showing up anyone have an answer

Have you actually assigned prefixes to the groups? Check over this page from the Nucleus Docs and see if all is good: Nucleus