Can't spawn Animals with eggs or command


Hello Sponge Community,

so i use Sponge for my modded server and some plugins.
And i have some problems with spawning Animals like : Cows, chicken and so on.
All other mobs like Creeper , spiders are working fine.
They spawn by itselfs but i cant spawn them with the eggs or commands.

Plugins i use : Luckyperms, Nucleus, SleepVote and RedProtect.

I Checked RedProtect for Animal Spawns but it was set to True and my Animals-spawn in the is set to true.
I tested the mods in Singelplayer and all is working fine.

Note : i dont get errors in the Logs or stuff so cant post logs. And i have all permissions. :

i hope someone can help me with this. if you need anything just say it i’ll post it.


Do you have any animal mods that affect mob-spawning, such as Animania or CustomMobSpawner?
You might also be able to use lp verbose to see what permissions are being denied when you use a spawn egg, as it might be the protection plugin doing it.


I dont have any animal mods that affect mob-spawning. but i fixed the problem by deleting RedProtect.
so yeah it was RedProtect that change something on the mob-spawning stuff.

EDIT : maybe i’ll put it back on my Server and test it or something.