Carbon - Spigot plugin to support 1.8 features!

Disclaimer: This is not my plugin, I just found it and wanted to share it with you!

Do you have a server and want to support 1.8 blocks?
Take a look at this:

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I saw this plugin a week or so ago, It’s a pretty good idea. Also if I’m correct someone else made a similar plugin before this one, but was selling it, pretty sure it was taken down already though.

Nope. They will not support Bukkit (So Spigot too) plugins.

well if sponge comes out it will support 1.8 and then there is no need for carbon

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I know, but it is just a temporary thingy until sponge comes out.

this was not a responce to you, it was a responce to @ThunderGemios10, who want spigot support so that he can use this plugin.
I am using arbon since the weekend :smiley:

I tested carbon on my test server. It worked very well so far. If you remove the plugin and restart the server the blocks are still visible but they become air if you use them or build closed to them. I wonder if this would be the case after updating the server to a real 1.8 build or not.