Carpet duper does not work XD

Hi I recently started a redstone survival server using sponge.
but there was a problem in the middle
Carpet duper does not work
TNT can’t copy either
Google Translate sorry

你好 我最近使用sponge开了一个红石生存服务器


Whats your original language? Your Google Translate isn’t making sense?

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allied Carpet Duper 1.12.2 - YouTube

This sounds like a issue of the mod itself not respecting the rules of minecraft (which sponge enforces).
you could try overriding the enforcement on sponge by going into the global.conf and adding the mod id to that list

这听起来像是模组本身不遵守我的世界规则(海绵强制执行)的问题。 您可以尝试通过进入 global.conf 并将 mod id 添加到该列表来覆盖对海绵的强制执行

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