Carrotshop gives everything for free?

lemme start off by saying sorry if this is in the wrong category! i’ve never used this website before <3

ok, so the plugin/mods im using are
pixelmon, teslacrate, carrotshop (to sell the keys), economy bridge (to use the pokedollars currency), and economy lite because apparently i need that.

the sign reads exactly this :

the console says
[TeslaCrate]: (BGave 1(Bx key wave-key(B to user(s) peachytrinity(B.(B
the CMD file says
tc key give %player% wave-key 1

however, whenever you click on the sign, it just gives you the item for free. the chat even says it costed 0 coins but the sign clearly states 11000, could it be i wrote something wrong, or because i made the signs before installing both of the economy plugins? any help really would be appreciated <3