Cell (essential commands at your fingertips)

The developers for Essentials have not yet come forward to claim the project and create a new version. I thought that I would create a lighter weight plugin that has the functionality that server owners need. So, my question for you, the community is what (basic?) commands are “Essential” for you to run your server. There will be multiple versions of the plugin, there will be a lite version, a basic version, and an extended version. So post what commands you need and where you think they should go. Each version will include the lower versions commands.

Cell Lite:

  • /home
  • /sethome
  • /time <day/night>
  • /afk
  • /list
  • /motd
  • /back
  • /setspawn
  • /spawn
  • /warp (multiple)


  • /jail
  • /setjail
  • /invsee
  • /ecsee (allows an admin to see the enderchest of the specified player)
  • /mute
  • /tell, msg, /r
  • /mail
  • /rules (set via rules.txt)
  • /forward (inverse of /back)
  • /tp, tpa, tpaccept (with configurable cooldowns)

Cell Extended:

  • /pay
  • /balance
  • Full multiple spawn system (allowing for things such as location based spawns, ie. take the person to spawn 3 if they are around x)
  • Chat Modification (adding titles to players in certain classes, color modification and things like that)
  • /kit (allowing for purchasing or claiming of kits with a configurable cooldown)

Why the name Cell you ask? Well Sponges are made up of cells, they are the basic building block to create anything. Thus your server is made up of Cells or things that make up your server. Is the name Cell final? Nope! Just had to get something down!

So! Post all of those great commands that you need!

A decent amount of people have posted that there is no need for a plugin that provides these features. If there is only a desire for the ‘lite’ version of this plugin than I will pursue development on that. If there is little desire in any of this plugin idea then I will scrap the idea completely.

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I imagine that Essentials will probably be ported, so you could work with them and get it done quicker?

Might be nice to have a lightweight version though too?

I think that jail and home should be moved into regular Cell, or maybe even Cell Extended.
Cell Lite should be only, as you state, essential commands.

it will be ported, but it’s better to make light version, that will be removed when devs port their plugin

Essentials is very bloated and I believe that it has way to many commands for the common server owner.


I’m fairly certain the Essentials dev team did come out and say they would be porting over to Sponge.

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The main idea of this plugin is to create a lightweight version of Essentials. As I posted previously the current version I believe has way to many commands.

Yeah… /kittycannon… :3

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For now I will move it to the regular version of Cell, as I can see how not all server owners would need the command. If more requests are made I will move it to Cell Extended.

While I agree I would instead maybe contact the Essentials dev team and suggest an Essentials lite? Might make it easier for you and faster than trying to completely rewrite their exact coding…

I would honestly see it only being beneficial if you strive to create something better rather than just simply something the same but with some parts stripped out.

well we surely don’t need Geo and extra essentials

I would be striving to create a lighter weight version of the plugin. If people have ideas of how to make it better or commands that are not in essentials that are needed I would appreciate their feedback.

My version of the plugin would be as optimized as possibile in order to reduce any un-needed RAM usage.

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Does Essentials really use that much RAM? I’m fairly certain that even for a plugin that has well over 100 or so commands it uses barely any extra RAM than Sponge will. Again I think a lite Essentials would be a great idea, but instead of purely writing your own code, go suggest this to Essentials guys

[quote=“Au_Gold, post:14, topic:986”]
go suggest this to Essentials guys
[/quote] good idea! :slight_smile: :smiley:

The main thing server owners want and probably need is
Kits (make them easier to define)
Regions/Spawn Protection
maybe a built in Votifier alike.

/invsee, /back … all of that are essentials commands

In my studies Essentials can raise the server ram usage between 50MB and 250MB (on average it will take around 125MB of RAM). While this may not seem like a lot to most people, I would be aiming to get it down to 2-5MB of RAM usage. I Founded a Server Hosting company just over two years ago (that is still going today) and a question I get asked frequently is why their server RAM goes up significantly when they install Essentials.

Essentials Lite has been suggested to the Essentials Dev team before, in the past when asked they say that there is very little need for a Lite version, I however do disagree. I would be willing to work with the team, but in the past it has been rejected.

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“bloated” [citation needed]

They have a good team of developers working on it with hundreds of people in their IRC channel providing support. I’m not against making competing plugins, but I’m against blindly creating plugins for no reason.

Have you looked at their lazy loaded command system?


Exactly. The only time you would need essentials-lite would be in a situation where your server is very low-spec, and even then why are you running a server with low-specs other than to test or just play vanilla.

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