Change plugin id

I’d like to change my plugin’s identifier (KennyTV / Maintenance maintenancesponge->maintenance), would that be possible? :eyes:

The plugins id is programmed in at the @Plugin stage of the code. So unless your willing to decompile, make the change and then recompile (need to check with the licence of the plugin too) then its not with sponge

Such answers are probably best left to the Ore devs/sysops - the answer you gave isn’t of use here at all. This is an Ore question after all. Projects are tied to a specific ID so if they change the plugin ID in the annotation, it can’t be uploaded to the same project in Ore. The question is if the ID can be changed within Ore itself without OP having to create a new project.

I don’t know the answer to it myself but with what knowledge I do have, I know that if it is possible, it would be very difficult to do thanks to how the system works. I’ll ask someone appropriate to comment here but I expect the answer to be a resounding no, at least right now.

But I could be wrong!

Hey Kenny,

so as @dualspiral already mentioned it’s not possible to change the plugin id without creating a new project. The plugin id is a unique identifier for the project and cannot be changed. If you want to change the plugin id, you have to create a new project on Ore.

Hmm alright, thanks for the response