Chat UI - A UI toolkit for the vanilla chat box


I don't see a Spongie in there :frowning:


Lol, never thought that braille could be displayed on the screen. But it is a thing, even in Minecraft.
You are doing a great job!


Watching minecraft... in minecraft


Don't you think that's a bit excessive? xD


At least the animation doesn't display chat inside it. That would probably be a bit too much recursion.


Now you've gone and given him an idea...

Unless I'm mistaken, the system @simon816 designed can animate any .gif within the chat, so it wouldn't be too difficult to do what you're suggesting.


As long as the content can fit in 212x128 then it can be displayed


i think seriousIy I am questioning why simon isnt already hired by mojang to improve the lackluster chat system in minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:


Was it just gif artifacts or are you using color to help differentiate between the background colors and foreground in the dancing banana demo.


No, that's the forum compressing the image. If you click on it the original doesn't have that.
Colors are possible but since each character has 8 dots you can't have properly colored images.


What is the status of this? Is this still in developmet? Abandoned? This looks absolutely Brilliant!


I'm still planning on developing this further, haven't done anything for a while but you can see the progress on github
I have more time to work on projects now it's the summer so hopefully there will be a release " soonTM "


Awesome, I will impatiently wait to see the release!:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


It's so interesting, really looking forward to release!


You could use color codes to develop the video player further :open_mouth:


I had no idea some of this stuff was possible!


You have just given me a good idea for another chat feature. Spoilers / censored hovertexts.

instead of outright censoring the information if something is detected as spam, or censored, you could have a small message like

ryantheleach: [Hidden for Spam]

That when moused over could show you condensed messages.
ryantheleach: lol
ryantheleach: lol
ryantheleach: lol
ryantheleach: lol
ryantheleach: lol

Because you are upsetting the scrolling of chat anyway, you could just append the message to the Hidden for Spam until it stopped being detected as spam.

Also what happens if you send a tabComplete packet when the client isn't expected a tab completion?

Could you abuse this to have yet another side channel for chat for your status bar?


Looking at the client implementation, it will only autocomplete when the chat window is open.
It annoyingly only accepts the packet when the client sends a request

    public void onAutocompleteResponse(String[] p_146406_1_)
        if (this.waitingOnAutocomplete) // Only when request sent

But I can get text to display in the input box when clicking on some text (ShiftClickAction.InsertText)


Damn, I wasn't even thinking about the input box, but the series of suggestions that appear just above it.


So I've just finished a big update.

I have redesigned some of the tabs, here are some gifs :slight_smile:

Tab interface:

New Tab buttons:

And lastly, a config editor! Inspired by forge's in game editor

(gifs may be a bit jumpy because I trimmed them down)