Chest-commands sponge forge 1.12

hello =)

on spigot 1.12 I use

but for sponge forge I don’t find something like this to do menu

I tried zzzz / VirtualChest
but don’t works in 1.12 :frowning:

so really need a menu maker in sponge forge 1.12 please :slight_smile:

Did you report the issue to the Virtual Chest developers? This seems like the most sensible solution to your problem.

First, @yepidoodles is right - it is always easier to have a plugin fixed that built from scratch. If it doesn’t work, requesting a new plugin to be made isn’t the solution.

That being said, the error doesn’t appear to be coming from VirtualChest as the message indicates PlaceholderAPI. My personal guess is that you have incompatible versions, but I can’t say much more without a proper stacktrace. Whenever the error occurs, you should find a section of text in Console that starts with an error message and a bunch of at ... statements. Regardless of what plugin the issue is from, they’ll need that to figure out what the cause is.

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yes I contacted him without answer at the moment

and in the resource page it’s written 1.11 and not 1.12

that’s why I search too an other mod or plugin

thanks =)