Chest refill per-player

We are a little italian community that is still growing, at the moment we are working on a special type of MMORPG Server and could need some help :grin:

Work Needed
What we need is a sponge plugin/mod for refillable chests.
Im thinking about something that allows to select a specific chest and set that this chest will be refilled by config with specific items and that all this works with a per-player system that deny the same player to take the chest content two times in a row in a defined time window.
For Example:
If I find a chest and clear it and after my clear there comes an other player, that chest should be still filled, maybe with other items from them I found, and if I come back to that chest after a short time period (even this set by config) that chest must still be empty for me. (it’s important that players can’t put items in that kind of chests).
Im glad if somebody can help me with this, thanks in advance!

It depends really on what you say to me (complicated/easy ; time consuming/fast to code), I could spend around 20 € for this plugin/mod.

I haven’t huge preferences, the plugin could be easy posted on ore from the dev and, obviuslly open-sourced.
The only thing I want is that in the post will be my name as the one who commissioned the plugin.

You can find me on telegram @masterleoM , here on sponge @outside64 or on skype “leonardo.mazzoleni2” (If possible not on skype).

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