Chest restock/Looting plugin

Pretty much what the title says, a plugin that allows you to assign chests to restock with particular items.
A customization loot table would also be great! Similar to the bukkit plugin PhatLoots.


I was planning on doing something like this then I lost rhythm. I could do something like this now, though.

I’m thinking more of a sign like this:

[stack count]

Then you place it on a container and the plugin will keep the chest/dispenser/whatever full.

Is there anything like this now? I would love for this to be implemented

The main issue was afaik the inventory API was absolute sh!t. It’s better now, and I’m certain that you could do it pretty easily. I might do this for my next quick plugin.

@Lokio27 instead of…

 [stack count]

why not


For instance infinite should be color coded, and made so only admins can make the signs.
Also I would remove [stack count] as what’s the point, when it’s infinite?

Anyway he is asking about chests restocking, so that would be a far fetch from what he wants.
What you should do instead save the chest inventory to a config, when admins right click it with a specific item with a specific display name with a specific meta value. Of course checking for permission.

Then create a runnable to place a new chest in its location with the new contents, have it execute after a certain amount of time has passed (i.e. store the amount of time in the configuration file somehow).

I’d also recommend a reset command, to reset all the times on all the chests, so they are running synchronously time wise, if needed.

Of course, yeah, I see. I can do the loot table type idea and infinite refilling chests pretty easily. I think I’ll make the auto refilling chests refill without a sign, though.


Not to mention, that if he wants it like PhatLoots, why not just port the entire plugin over. Hey its not actually that hard, i’ve come to get used to it. The hardest part of porting over a plugin, is getting direct permission from the plugin author for you to redistribute a recoded version of the original.

That’s why it would just be a whole lot easier and less sticky to just rewrite it. :smiley:

Exactly, just if you encounter any issues when coding it, you could always resort to the second option :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I am gonna get to school, so good luck with your idea!

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Did someone develop this at the end?