Chestshops/tree harvest/worldguard

I’m looking for a chestshops plugin that works like signshops, a insta tree cutting plugin so people on my server only need to mine 1 log and the tree will fall. And a decent worldguard look alike (foxguard is a nono for me) all api 7.

Use TotalEconomy. As far as I know, it already has the functionality of the store you need. For quick felling of trees check out the mods on curseforge, there were quite a few options there. I recommend GriefDefender to protect territories, but you have to compile it yourself. You will not find anything better than him, believe me.

PS: About the in-game shop. You can also consider my plugin. This is not what you asked for, but it may also be useful to you.

I’m on 7.1.0 so unfortunately it doest work