Hello people,

Plugin category: Fun

Suggested name: ChestStorage

What I want: I want a plugin capable of selling a Chest whit a sign.


-Chest Name

When someone buy

-Chest Name


Ideas for commands:

Ideas for config: -Limit Chest per USER:1

Ideas for permissions:

When I’d like it by: Soon as possible


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Sorry for my bad English.

There is a plugin underway that should do this for you. Its called ChestShop in the WIP Plugins section.

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For exemple im gona put a Chest room in my spawn… And people would be able to buy those chest, to protect ther items from PVP Faction world

As in the contents of the chest?

WetSponge What do you mean?

Like if you had a chest with a diamond sword, a diamond hoe and leather boots, Would you like to sell those items? Or would you like to sell storage space? Or just an empty chest item?

Its a storage not a shop that why the name of the plugin is Chest Storage

People would buy one chest… and they would put item in it

The way to recreate this using bukkit plugins would be to set up 1x1x1 regions on the chests, then rent out the regions.

But for that to happen on sponge you would either be looking at a bespoke plugin, or WorldGuard once ported + a region renting plugin.

Your asking for a vault type system at spawn Like This Plugin?