Choose plugin contents

I have a question and mabe a suggestion.
So is it possible to build something like the jquery ui download builder for plugins (Mods)? What I mean is that on can choose additional functions (or less functionality) for some plugins like essential. (Where we had one huge jar, with some not from all appreciated functions)
If yes how and would a builder even be of any use?

Ps. If i am i the wrong section, I apologize.

There’s a suggestion for ‘Plugin Packs’ which is similar to your suggestion here. See PluginPacks

I think loading modules would be the best way to do it, like Lapis Commons

Trying to setup a web form to build custom mods would likely need a very complicated setup and for the mod to be recompiled for that particular combination. Probably not worth the trouble.

could a plugin be coded such as to have each feature have it’s own class file within the jar, and it’s own folder for resources and not expect to have every class file. So as to allow the user to delete with very fine precession certain features even within modules without screwing up everything? Just a question.

Like multiple jar to a single jar?

I’m not quit sure I understand what you’re saying… Are you asking if it would be possible to only download parts of a plugin, or additional features? If so, this is more of a packaging and distribution issue on the plugin developer’s end.

like this:

Core (has nothing exept helper classes) + features (usually added jars) = new compiled file

We have 1 Core (always), which we always download and N features (based on the Core), we can choos the Features (/nuke or /tpnew …) in a single file

I am sorry if this is not clear

From what I get, you want plugins to have their own plugins (kind of).
Well, thing is, Sponge can’t force developers to code such complex plugins, it would depend on the developer wether or not he’d code something like that.

I only am talking about the very complex plugins which are huge like essentials.
But knowing it is technically possible is nice.
Thanks for answering my questions :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. :blush:

I think this is more something that the plugin developers should handle themselves. Essentials is already split up into smaller modules too.