Claimed Plugin-Names

This thread is no longer needed. →

ThunderTools - I am the new maintainer.

If we’re going to have this thread, we might as well remove this part. We already have a list of plugins-to-be-ported, so naturally those names are claimed. This thread should be purely for plugins which are under development (must show some sort of proof that you’re actually working on the plugin, otherwise there’ll be ridiculous claim-requests), but don’t really have anywhere to be ported from.

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@FerusGrim It was, as I said, not my intent to ‘take’ that part from the plugin porting thread. Just included it for the sake of completeness… (if that is a word)

As for the proof thing: we won’t need this thread to long anyways, as soon as theres a plugin-hosting-site online, you’ll be able to prevent duplicates by doing a bit of research.

This thread is only intended to help prevent conflicts between two developers coding plugins with the same name by accident.

Than I would like to claim the name MapLog (I know it sounds stupid).

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Added all above plugin names. :slight_smile:

Securus by me. (Here)

I would like to claim Warbands.

Starting a new SurvivalGames!

Demigods and DemigodsClassic are still being made by me and the rest of the DG Team.

Infractions will be updated with Sponge’s release.

I would like to claim UltimateQuest and/or UltimateQuestAPI. Introduction on the plugin here.
And if possible ClanWars.

I believe the name Societies is claimed by @p000ison.

InstaTnT, UltraDerp, And TnTWarning are claimed by me.
Check in the “Plugins to be Ported.”
If needed I’ll link to BukkitDev.

As also said in “Porting plugins”, Stats, Achievements and Highscores are mine.

WorldInfo - My own project. Its multi platform. Currently being developed for forge.
Bukkit test implementation was made and was successful. I did publish it as an experimental plugin on bukkit.
CurseForge also now has WorldInfo if has been approved by now… has claim on the following names if there really was a claim system.
Also note they are currently private plugins for the time being.

NoxLib / NoxCore may be the first plugins to get released if they do get released.
NoxLib - Common library for development
NoxCore - Core functionality and integration between plugins
NoxHomes - Homes system
NoxGuilds - A plot claiming system that could be best described as a fully custom towny / factions plugin
NoxMMO - Custom abilities plugin with classes exp and more/
Practically we prefix our plugin names with Nox for our own stuff.

With the exception of already made plugins. We do not rename them.

On another note. I do not think it should be allowed to claim names for plugins this early.


Also want to make claim to ModScript
Its the new name for ModDamage if you heard of it.

It is going to be rewritten from the ground up. And abstract enough for it to be multi platform if needed.

I am the current maintainer of ModDamage…

Seen all your posts, I’ll include the claims when I’m back home on my PC in 8h.

The only reason this thread was made is to prevent people fighting about plugin names because they independently developed similary-named plugins.

Updated the list.

I’ll be making a ServerInfrastructure to provide more basic management of servers. I’ll have to edit this post to find the github then

I would like to claim “Soaker”, a plugin I plan to make that is a bridge between Stripe (Credit Card Processing), and Minecraft.