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Outdated plugin; download and support no longer available.

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Do you have the source available anywhere?


May be confusing for beginners.

Why not setup a github :octocat: with the source? The thing is that for every jar you upload their will be people that will check if your jar doesn’t contain something sinister (I actually checked it). With a git repository you gain more trust and possible people that will use your plugin.

Btw keep up the good work :slight_smile:.

Something I’ve found is that plugins get better when they are open source. I’ve used a few plugins myself, and found that quite a few of them have bugs that I know I can fix, so I just go fix them, and send a patch to the developer. That way, everyone wins, I win, I get a working plugin, the developer wins, they don’t have to scratch their heads working out what’s wrong, and the community wins, the fix gets out there faster.

Honestly, it’s also interesting to see other’s solutions to problems, and often can give rise to other ideas.

You might say Github isn’t for you, but there are also personal benefits to it - version control is a must for developers if you ask me, and Github is just about one of the best ways to do it. Sure, it might be a simple plugin here, but I firmly believe that you can grow much faster as a developer if you have others looking at your code and helping you make it better.

Finally, I would argue that plugins should not just be about the developer, they should be about the community. Github enables that in a really effective fashion.


You can also easily use GitHub to host your releases.

Comments on the code:
I do this with many new plugins I see, with developers that seem to be a bit new. Here’s a couple of things I’d like to point out.

  • Conventions for HOCON are to use hyphen-separation instead of camelCase or TitleCase.
  • It’s generally a good idea to allow the user to create Text objects in the config (after all, they can be loaded directly); if you’re intent on allowing direct ampersand codes, at least allow them to choose.
  • Paths are better than Files, and are recommended. To do standard file operations with Paths, use the Files class. However, if you @Inject the ConfigurationLoader, you don’t need to do any additional file setup - Sponge does the creation for you. In fact this will produce a problem, since the file will never not exist and the config will never be auto-generated. A good idea is to include a ‘version’ field, and check if it isVirtual(). This also allows for updating the config.
  • Consider using the Asset API instead of hardcoding for setting default values.
  • CommandResults exist to be informative. Consider using the builder, with a successCount and queryResult of the number of players who had their chat cleared.
  • TextSerializers has a static ampersand formatting code serializer, FORMATTING_CODE. I’d recommend using this; as it stands right now, you’re creating a new serializer every time the command is run.

Also, a comment on the project in general - It’s advised not to (and I think not allowed to) have the word Sponge in your plugin name.

I’ll just leave this here. :slight_smile:

The download link is not working, when i click i get a page that says
“404 - Page Not Found
Sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist”

Hello ! its clear tchat for server client or client only ? ^^
Thanks !