Clear Chat

Please come up with away to clear the chat.

/cc and /icc

This is really needed for my server

Are you wanting to clear chat for yourself or for everyone?

I think chat clearing plugins are very useless because you could see the chat log on the Minecraft launcher.
You might want a chat limiting plugin instead:

I don’t find them useless. It’s useful for when someone spams
“this server sucks” 500 times when they first join, it fades out but it’s still annoying
or when someone accidentally sends important staff information and using a channel/whisper command wrong

You will need anti-spamming plugins, clear chat plugins is the hard fix for a simple problem. For the second problem, I think that is a good punishment so they think before they send anything publicly and even if they used a chat clearing plugin, the client logs will be there.

For those who want to clear their own chat, pressing F3+D will clear it.

How do I download your chatlimiter as a .jar? I could never figure that out on github.

Click the releases link which is just under the repo description.