Click on Sign - strange bug?

I’ve started to develop a plguin, but now I get a weird error.

  1. Join
  2. Clicking on a sign on a wall -> Error
  3. Placing a new sign
  4. Clicking on a sign on a wall -> No Error

Here is the error:

I’d recommend creating an issue ticket on the sponge github page

Are you running the latest SpongeForge, with the proper Forge version?

I’m using the latest sponge version (downloaded: today, Version: 1.8-2.1-DEV-93). What do you mean with “[…], with the proper Forge version?”.
My plugin has currently no impact on the result (I disabled it).

He’s using SpongeVanilla…

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Oh, I missed that in the log. Thanks!

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On a (possibly) related note, SpongeVanilla hasn’t been building for some time, due to a Mixin AP issue. I’m looking into it now.

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