Client Permissions plugin for Sponge

I’m looking for the Client Permissions plugin for Sponge. This was originally a bukkit plugin, and it allows you to set permissions on the server for features on client-side mods, such as VoxelMap.

The Bukkit page for the plugin is here:

My primary use for it is to disable cave-mapping and mob radar on my server.

I know that there was some mention of it being ported to Sponge a few years ago, but I don’t know if that’s something Mumfrey ever looked at doing.

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I started work on porting it over, I still have it lingering around, but I didn’t finish the full port as there was some portion to do with some thing about handling raw packets from clients to the server. I can probably look into completing it over the next few days.


If it’s feasible to do, it would really help me out.

ClientPermissions works great on bukkit/spigot based servers, but it would be much more useful to have on Sponge. There’s really no other functional way to turn off cave mapping for Voxelmap than using ClientPerms either, at least that I’ve found.