(CLOSED) Looking for developer for bukkit/spigot conversion

I’d first like to say, I am new to the community and have read the rules however, if I missed anything please let me know!

I am running a forge server (with sponge) and would like to link it to my website which is running Xenforo. That will allow me to run commands based on actions that occur within my forum. I purchased Continuity which is a sync plugin for Xenforo. I contacted the developer who has no interest in migrating it to be compatible with sponge. There is also another alternative, MineSync who is yet to contact me back.

Work Needed
I am willing to buy the other plugin, MineSync if needed however I’d prefer to use Continuity because I already own it. The developer for continuity has authorized me to recompile it for Sponge and is going to send me the source code shortly.

I don’t think this should cost more than $30-$50 however, if you provide a compelling enough reason (ex; you need to buy the resource etc.)

This cannot be redistributed. Due to the private nature of the original resource, I’d appreciate this to not be released publicly. If one of the developers request the jar, I will share it with them to help other users.

Please contact me through Discord as Sponge doesn’t like negotiations through their forums. My discord is johnclarkie#4216 If you need another form of contact, let me know.

Thank you!

It would be illegal copyright infringement to incorporate the code of a closed source program into a new one and distribute it to anyone, especially for profit.

You’re right and I had no ill-intent. Due to this, I’m actually going to contact the developer of the original plugin.

I’ve contacted the original developer who has sent me the source code and permission to have it recompiled for Sponge. So the search continues…

I’ve found a developer - thanks!