[Closed] SocraticPhoenix - Flexible, Self-Taught Developer


Hi! I’m SocraticPhoenix, a self-taught developer with 6+ years of experience with java and minecraft.

Public Experience

A lot of my projects are either inactive or partially finished because all of them have just been hobbies. I program a lot and I love working on interesting things, but sometimes I struggle to find inspiration. Hopefully you can be my inspiration :slight_smile:

Github Profile
Most of my work is on GitHub, but only some of it is actually related to minecraft. If you want to look at all of my pet projects, feel free.

Randores Mod
My most popular project ever, a mod for that adds many ores to the game. Currently inactive.

My most popular sponge plugin. It’s very old but I have not actually released a sponge plugin since then. Although I have worked a lot with sponge recently, I haven’t actually released any of my work yet.

RPG Prototype
Some proof of concept videos for an RPG system I’ve been working on as a hobby. A test build of what you see in the videos is available upon request, but it is still very very new, unpolished, and missing a lot of functionality.


Rate will be determined per-project, based on difficulty and my own personal interest, but I will guarantee:

  • Rate will be per hour.
  • Rate will not be higher than $20/hr.
  • Rate will not be lower than $10/hr.
  • Smaller projects will generally have a lower rate.



  • Rate can be negotiated, but must be determined before I begin work.
  • Bug-fixes after the product is finished will not require payment. (I reserve the right to determine what is and is not a bug).
  • Updates to the initial product will be require payment. (I reserve the right to determine what is and is not an update).
  • I make no guarantee as to how long it will take me to finish/update/fix a plugin, although I will do my best to be timely.
  • Payment is only due after I deliver the completed plugin.


  • Rights will be negotiated before the project begins. Options include:
    • I grant you sole ownership of the plugin. This option will lead to a higher rate.
    • I grant you rights to use and distribute the plugin as you see fit as long as:
      • You credit me.
      • You either do not profit it from it, or we come up with an agreed upon profit-sharing model.
    • I make the plugin publicly available on my GitHub and on Ore. This option will lead to a lower rate.


Email me at socraticphoenix@gmail.com or contact me through discord at SocraticPhoenix#8468.

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