CoinFlipper v1.0

Ever felt like your server needs more gambling? Well, of course it does!

CoinFlipper is a plugin that lets people flip a coin against each other for in-game money! You can easily configure a minimum and maximum wager that players can place.

So how does the plugin work? First of all, you need to install TeslaPowered onto your server. The plugin also requires an economy to be set up, I suggest using EconomyLite but just about any economy plugin should work.

To create a CoinFlip challenge with a wager of $50.000 for anyone on the server to participate in, use the command /coinflip create 50000. If you would rather like to challenge a specific player, let’s say Notch, use the command /coinflip challenge Notch 50000.

Coinflip v1.0 - 1.12.2