ColoredTablist 0.94 [API 4.0] - Add colors to your Tablist

Anything about that in Server-Console? “/ctl nick Terminator player1” Should change the Name of player1 to Terminator…

Nothing appeared in console for me.
For example it said;
RenHax’s name in tab will now display as renHAX <-- not word for word. Either way, it had not changed it.
I’ll reinstall and test again here in a minute.

Added header and footer Commands ("/ctl [header|footer] [“Your Text here”] [targetPlayers])
targetPlayers are all players on the server whith their name matching what you wrote.
Example: “/ctl header “Welcome to Wonderland” *”
This will change the Header for every player on the Server.

Hi, can I so color not only each user, but nice the colors to the groups, that I don’t need color each user?

Is it possible to add a feature of coloring the nametag above a player’s head as well?

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Yes. When you look at the full configuration on pastebin, you’ll see the “groups” section. You need a plugin like PermissionsEx to configure groups, then add these groups (by using their names) into the coloredtablist config.

I will look into it. When I add an option to do that there should be an option to format the chat too, I guess?

Yes that would be great :wink:

I would say a configurable option because i wouldnt want the prefixes in chat due to pex taking control of the custom prefixes we give.

I agree, yes yes :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for making this plugin!

A problem I found: color codes don’t work in the suffix.

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Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Fixed Color codes not working in suffixes.

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Any updates? ^-^

noticed that with pex and the ladder structure; ctl will randomly cycle through a players ladder with the prefixes in the tablist… solution…?

It also doesnt update Wallibi is in the Builder group. I joined the server after he did. My tags show for me; his do not show on the list.

So it needs some type of refresh interval. If i reload the plugin it does add his tags.

Is this plugin still being maintained? :disappointed_relieved:

i cant seem to get the groups working correctly can someone post a working config of groups?

Update for 6.0.0 ?

please update for sponge API5.1.0-6.0.0
Thank you very for working.

Please update, I have the same issue as @Khaoz

Hi, I am new in the Sponge Forum.
First: great Plugin, and nice work!
But: when I change the default config folder for Sponge, the Plugin don’t work.
Please fix.

Thank you very much for this plugin!