Combine schematics [Extremely Ambitious]


The internet is a broad place and this may just be the wrong corner. Who knows if this will become a thing.

So I’ve been running a minecraft server for a long time. From near the beginning. I’ve had thousands of people play on my servers over the years and I’ve made it a point to keep everything they have ever created.

My first challenge was to take the mclawl based maps (.lvl format) and convert them into .schematics using:

After a lengthy batch conversion, I am now left with hundreds and hundreds of schematic files. (All of the levels and their hundreds of backups.) Each backup represents a different state that the map was in each with differing creations.

I would love to combine everything from the old days into 1 modern minecraft world file. By having it in a world file, it can persist through the updates as it can automatically convert up. This also means I can render it in dynmap and easily browse what was. Currently the only way to combine all of the schematics into 1 place would be to use mcedit or world edit to paste them 1 at a time.

Is there an easier way to do this?

I imagine that @Sk89q has quite a bit of experience on the subject of schematics and could shed some light on this. Would it be difficult to create a program that could stitch all of the schematics together? Or even stitch like say 10 schematics together?

Remember to wip your taitress.


You can automate worldedit using javascript, that would probably be the simplest approach. Just make a script to batch import all the schematics. Might take a while but ultimately doesn’t require creating any new tools and gives you a fair amount of control over how the import process is performed.