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Right, so in the Rule section of an Advanced Requirement for your kit you would have something like: rule="{PLAYER_BALANCE} >= 6000" Do note however that this will not remove the funds from the player’s account, to do that simply have the console execute the appropriate economy command as part of the kit.

Would it be possible to use a tellraw command in a command kit? It looks like it doesn’t work when I try to do it. Gives me an Invalid JSON error because the " and {} disappear from the command.

Anyway to get this to work?

Here’s an example of my /register command.
“$minecraft:tellraw {PLAYER_NAME} {{“text”:“Click here to register!”, “color”:“blue”,“clickEvent”:{“action”:“open_url”,“value”:“”} }}”

When using {}, the first instance of { and last } (when opening and closing {}) gets ignored. Guessing it’s because of the {drop-in} system, probably checks when { opens and closes }, and checks the text inside it, if the text is a special string, then it replaces that with the appropriate value. (Well, that’s my guess on it, dunno if that’s how it actually works. Since there’s several ways for one to go about it, figured this would make the most sense considering the problem experienced.)

“{ anything here }” turns to " anything here ".
“{ {json} }” would then turn to " {json} "

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

How to config original command ?
example : /is create

You can’t, unless you configure the plugin itself. You can use aliases in order to make command aliases (which can override the original command), if you’re to do that you might not need command kits.

Aliases is still in it’s 1.0 version and has yet to be updated. So, you can’t add optional variables to the command, nor does it have a complex set up. Still worth checking out as it might help you out with your problem.

So, theoretically with this plugin could I sync it to my voting so that the vote listener gives the player the permission node as a reward. Then add in the give command to the kit and add a remove permission node into the kit so when they run the kit it also removes the node so they can’t use it again?

Yep, you could do that :smile:

What if I don’t want any message to be shown. I write message="" and it displays a blank line that pops up in the chat when I give the kit. Even when I try to remove the message="" to nothing, it still displays a blank line. Is there a way you can remove the empty line of text. Thanks!

Ah, that’s definitely a bug. The plugin has sadly been very neglected on my part and has long been due for an overhaul. Fortunately, I should be clearing up most of my other plugins Soon™, meaning I’ll actually be able to give this plugin the overhaul it deserves. For now, could you please create an issue for it? That way I’ll be sure to fix it when I make a new release. :slight_smile:

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can i share your plugin to chinese forum MCBBS? i will post your link!

Sure! But keep in mind that this plugin is pretty outdated :frowning: Hopefully I’ll get the chance to update it soon!

hi is there any config option so that i can put the for example apples in the last slot and the leather armor.
if u press E in the top row from left to right 4 slots the leather armor ? ect. etc.

Is there a “requirement” to make kits one time use only?

Is it possible to keep the cooldown after a server restart so weekly kits can only be used once a week? the cool down goes away thus players can reuse all their kits

This is a known issue, I sadly haven’t been able to give this plugin the update it deserves to fix this, I’m hoping to have more time to develop towards the end of this year, I plan to correct this, as well as overhaul this plugin then :slight_smile:

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So random ish question… Is it possible to set a conditional use, so that, say: Player A uses kit A and player B uses kit A, but then by using that kit, it prevents them from using kits B-Z or the like? Specifically, I mean commands here and not items/etc… Trying to reverse-engineer a factions kind of thing, and not having much luck, though I know absolutely nothing of java, or most coding in general, so if this is a stupid question feel free to tell me so haha

It’s not a stupid question :stuck_out_tongue: Currently that is not possible, when I have more time to devote to development I may be able to add something like that in to this plugin.

Ah, well thanks for the reply then :+1: trying to work out how to do that myself, but not exactly having much luck haha…

For those of you interested in this plugin’s development, please take a look at CommandCore, as this is what I intend to utilize to specify the logic of kits moving forward. It’ll allow for much greater flexibility (loops, conditional statements, variables) at the cost of slightly different syntax. I’m looking for feedback regarding the current features of the language as well as features you’d all like to see.