CommandItems - Item based commands, permissions, cooldowns and more!


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CommandItems is a simple Sponge plugin that aims to bring the command items features from the old CraftBook plugin to Sponge. With this plugin, you can have custom items that can be used and execute commands, consume the item, execute only on right or left click, execute commands as player/console, etc!


The plugin is drag and drop: once it loaded, edit the config as you like. If you want to add more items to the config, use /citems newkey in-game so it creates a new item with a random UUID and inserts in the current config.

Commands and Permissions

  • /citems newkey | commanditems.newkey | Creates a new key config node on your config
  • /citems give [player] | commanditems.give | Gives a key named uuid for you or player, if specified. The uuid can be the generated UUID from /citems newkey (see above), or you can rename the UUID in the config to another name and use it here.
  • /citems | commanditems.main | Main plugin command, lists the other commands and their usage

If you find any issues, report them to the plugin’s issue tracker. If you want, you can donate for me trough PayPal, my paypal email is


This plugin is simply… AMAZING <3
I hope @Eufranio can do what I told him :smiley:


You can update it to API 7


does this have support for like item damage and such? Would love to combine this with your spongybackpacks plugin and use a texture pack for creating different physical backpacks.


Nope, but I see that being useful. Mind opening a ticket in the github repo so I can take a look on it later?


ok will do, and one other question. I see you have permission=“backpack.large” here. Is it possible to make it remove the item from a players inventory upon trying to use it if they no longer have permission? I do see theres the general consume option but my goal here is to create upgrade-able backpacks and I’ve got 75% of it completed using the 2 plugins in conjunction. if it doesnt already do this i take it i should create a ticket aswell? just want to confirm before i do incase im just overlooking something.


Hello, can you update this plugin to API7?
Can I add a citems give UUID player amount command?
Can I change citems newkey to citems create name?


A new version has been released for CommandItems, it is available for download here.

Update SpongeAPI version
Change /citems newkey to /citems create
Add amount to /citems give