Commando - Create more dynamic texts

Commando is a text converter / parser for player messages and signs.


Sending a message:

Make it (rain!)[c:weather rain]

If a player sends the message above it will appear to others as: Make it rain!
The text, “rain!”, is a clickable link to the command: /weather rain.

Sign text:

Who turned out
the lights?
[c:time set day]

If the text of a sign is set this way, when right clicked, it will run the command: /time set day.

Multi-Command signs

If a player right-clicks a sign that contains multiple commands on it, the following will appear in their console:



Each one of the commands will be clickable links.


Commando fires an event called CommandoConvertTextEvent, any plugin can add filters to this event to create more types of parsing tags. At the moment there is only Maven support.

Add the repo:


Add the dependency:


Use Destinations plugin as an example to create your own filters and add them to the service.

###Built-in Filters:

  • [c:<command>]
  • [command:<command>]

Also, Commando will automatically look for titles for you filters automatically!

###Check it out:

teaser video
source code

As always I love your feedback, let me know what you think below!


This is great!

Is this capable of adding particle effects?
For example:
Show me the love

you click love and it would play the particle effect hearts above you.

It can run any command available to the server. As soon as there is a plugin the does particle effects, then yes.

Does it support the command block variables, e.g. @a, @p, @e etc? That would be dandy; I want smite signs everywhere!

I forgot to mention that I’m not in love with the name of the plugin. If you have any better ideas, let’s hear them!

@Lemonous I will be sure to check into these!

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How about Dtext? Dynamic Text

Textmaster (play on words for Taskmaster)
Regext (Regex + Text)
Texnamic (Text + Dynamic)
General Fluffington


+1 for General Fluffington


Clicky signs,
command on sign does something,
A cute little puppy,

(Isn’t spartan sooo cute)


Added to the Xodus test servers! Great plugin, keep up the good work @mmonkey your works have been above and beyond sir!

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Thanks @Joe_Schmo2840 I’ll have to get on the server some time!