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LocaleAPI - required.

Commands and Permissions → Commands and Permissions EN · SawFowl/CommandPack Wiki · GitHub

Currently implemented:

  • Multilanguage. Ability to translate the plugin into any language. All languages will be used at the same time.
  • Command execution conditions, as well as adding command aliases. The economy is supported.
  • All teleportation commands, including teleportation requests and teleportation to random coordinates.
  • System of server and private warps.
  • Kits. The economy is supported.
  • AFK
  • Opening with a menu command functional blocks such as: workbench, anvil, enderchest, enchantment table.
  • Viewing and changing the inventory of other players by the administrator, including the enderchest and backpack.
  • The execution commands logging looks like in Nucleus.
  • Viewing server information.
  • View information and reload plugins.
  • Viewing information about mods. Plugins are separated from mods.
  • Change of time, weather, game mode. Removed game mode identifiers have been returned.
  • Worlds Management.
  • And much more… For more information, see the list of commands at the link above.
For developers:

JavaDoc → CommandPack 1.1.0-8.1.0-RELEASE API

	private CommandPack commandPack;
	public void onCommandPackPostApiEvent(CommandPack.PostAPI event) {
		commandPack = event.getAPI();
repositories {
	maven { 
		name = "JitPack"
		url '' 
dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.SawFowl:CommandPack:1.1'

A new version has been released for CommandPack, it is available for download here.

First release

A new version has been released for CommandPack, it is available for download here.

The /randomteleport command has been improved. Now the search is faster and the player will not be sent outside the world. Also, the position search now works correctly in caves.
Added commands for worlds management.
Added a command /commandspy.
Various minor fixes and improvements.

Updates in API:

Chunk generator registration was added to API. Registered generators will be available in the command /world create, as well as other plugins using CommandPack API.
Improved API for creating Raw commands. It is now possible to register and use arguments. See javadoc for details.