CommandRaffle - A simple plugin to raffle commands

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A simple plugin to raffle commands.

CommmandRaffle allows you to set up one-time or repeating raffles of a command on your server. Players purchase a configurable amount of tickets to enter the raffle. When the raffle draws a ticket the winning player (if any) will have the command for the raffle executed on their behalf.


  • /raffle - Displays information on the various commands availalbe (Alias: rf)
  • /raffle info - Display plugin version info (Alias: if)
  • /raffle list [Raffle] - Displays all raffles or the participants of [Raffle] (Alias: ls)
  • /raffle me - Displays all raffles you are currently in
  • /raffle draw <Raffle> - Forces <Raffle> to immediately draw a winner (Alias: dr)
  • /raffle cancel <Raffle> - Cancels <Raffle> refunding all bought tickets (Alias: cn)
  • /raffle buy <Raffle> <Amount> - Buys <Amount> of tickets in <Raffle> (Alias: by)
  • /raffle create <Raffle> <Command> <Duration> - Creates a new raffle with name <Raffle> reward command <Command> and duration <Duration> (Alias: cr)


Permission Use Allows the player to run /raffle Allows the player to run /raffle info
commandraffle.command.list Allows the player to run /raffle list Allows the player to run /raffle me
commandraffle.command.draw Allows the player to run /raffle draw
commandraffle.command.cancel Allows the player to run /raffle cancel Allows the player to run /raffle buy
commandraffle.command.create Allows the player to run /raffle create

Creating Raffles

The /raffle create command has several customization options which are summarized below:

Arguments (Not Optional)

  • <Raffle> - This is the name of the raffle which will be displayed in the raffle listing
  • <Command> - This is the command that will be executed if the raffle has a winner, you do not need to includ the / at the begining of the command. In addition you can use {Winner} inside the command to get the name of the winning player. Ex: give {Winner} diamond 5 In the case that the winner is not currenlty online, execution of the command will be delayed until they are online once again.
  • <Duration> - The amount of time until the raffle is drawn, it is specified in DdHhMmSs format. Ex: 5d4h3m2s Would be 5 days, 4 hours, 3 mins, 2 seconds. Any of the time sections can be ommitted.

Flags (Optional)

  • --repeating - If present this will cause the raffle to reset and repeat once a winner is drawn (Alias: -r)
  • --numtickets <Amount> - The number of tickets in this raffle if different from the default (Alias: -n)
  • --ticketcost <Cost> - The cost of purchasing one ticket in this raffle if different from the default (Alias: -c)
  • --ticketlimit <Limit> - The limit on the number of tickets a player can purchase in the raffle (Alias: -l)
  • --perm <Node> - A permission node players must have in order to enter the raffle (Alias: -p)
  • --desc <Description> - A description of the raffle, supports & color codes. (Alias: -d)

Configuring CommandRaffle

CommandRaffle will generate a config file located at ~/config/commandraffle/commandraffle.conf where the default configuration for raffles and the messages displayed can be configured. The default configuration file is shown below:

# If raffle winner broadcasts should go to all players or just the participants of the raffle (ticket holders)
Messages {
    # If not blank, will broadcast this message to all players when a raffle is created
    CreateBroadcast="&eThe &6{Raffle_Name} &eraffle has been created!"
    # Message sent if a raffle has no winner
    NoWinnerMessage="&eThe &6{Raffle_Name} &eraffle has no winner!"
    # Message sent to announce the winner of a raffle
    WinnerMessage="&eThe winner of the &6{Raffle_Name} &eis &6{Winner}&e!"
# Default Raffle Values
RaffleDefaults {
    # The default number of tickets a raffle should have, default: 100
    # The default cost of tickets in a raffle, default: 10.0

Support Me

I will never charge money for the use of my plugins, however they do require a significant amount of work to maintain and update. If you’d like to show your support and buy me a cup of tea sometime (I don’t drink that horrid coffee stuff :P) you can do so here


A new version has been released for CommandRaffle, it is available for download here.

Take Five!

Release v1.0.1

Minecraft 1.10.2 - Tested on spongeforge-1.10.2-2477-5.2.0-BETA-2782


  • Backport to Sponge API 5.0


Can we get a potential update to this plugin, I absolutely love the concept of it but i dont like the idea of No one winning the raffle when multiple people bought tickets. I’ve had about 6 people buy for one raffle all buying 3 or more tickets which adds up to alot of money on the server just for no one to win when there was only like 2 Unsold tickets. The bot seems to win more than the players do even when there are more player tickets than bot tickets

Can you create an issue for that here? I’ll see if I can add that feature when I update this plugin :slightly_smiling_face:.

I think i did it right lol