CommandSigns Reloaded - Create signs that run commands!

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Add a command to a sign:

/csign add <command…>

Permission: csigns.add
You need to click the sign after having typed the command

You can use “console:” to run the command from the console

/csign add console:<command…>
You can also use a player name to run the command from this player if he is connected
/csign add Hazae41:<command…>

You can use “@p” to replace your username

/csign add console:give @p wool 16

You can use “wait X” to wait X milliseconds before the next command

/csign add wait 1000

This command will delay the next command of 1000 milliseconds (=one second)

Set one-time mode to a sign

/csign set onetime true

Permission: csigns.set

This will allow only one use of the sign per player

You can disable it with

/csign set onetime false


Set cooldown of a sign

The player will have to wait X seconds before another usage

/csign set cooldown X


/csign set cooldown 3600

The player will have to wait one hour (3600 seconds) to use the sign

You can disable it with

/csign set cooldown 0


Set price of a sign

The player will have to pay X amount in order to use the sign

/csign set price X


/csign set price 10

The player will have to pay $10.00 to use the sign

You can disable it with

/csign set price 0


Set permission of a sign

/csign set permission

Permission: csigns.set

You can remove the permission with

/csign set permission “”


Set a sign powerable by redstone

/csign set redstonable true

The sign can be powered by redstone

Commands will be sent by the nearest player (except those that start with “console:”)

@p” will refer to the nearest player

You can disable it with

/csign set redstonable false


Emit a redstone signal when commands are executed

/cs set redstoning true

The sign will be powered after commands are executed

You can disable it with

/csign set redstoning false


List commands of a sign

/csign list

Permission: csigns.list

This will show you all commands of a sign


Remove a command from a sign

/csign remove <#id>

Permission: csigns.remove

If you want to remove the first command:

/csign remove 1


Clear users of a sign

/csign clear

Permission: csigns.clear


Error commands

When the user does not have permission or enough money, these commands are executed instead of sending “No permission” or “Not enough money”

You can add them

/cs add error <command…>

List them

/cs list error

Remove them

/cs remove error <#id>


Use other blocks as signs

/cs unsafe

Permission: csigns.unsafe

This will enable unsafe mode, it will allow you to use other blocks as signs


  • csigns.set

  • csigns.add

  • csigns.remove

  • csigns.list

  • csigns.clear

  • csigns.unsafe

  • csigns.version - Permission to use /csigns

  • csigns.create - Permission to create a CommandSign

  • csigns.destroy - Permission to destroy a CommandSign

  • csigns.use - Permission to use a CommandSign



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Amazing plugin! Will deffo donate in the near future!

Add a function for permissions to use certain signs?

does this work for API 7 i get this error something about script does not exist am i missing something?

do /commandsign … I get the same thing, I think its another plugin /cs

WorldEdit uses the same command /cs for craftscripts

A new version has been released for CommandSigns Reloaded, it is available for download here.

Permissions now start with “csigns”

Added “/csign” aliase

Added “/csign clear” command

Added "/csign set permission "

looks good! i will test today. if i could i would like to suggest maybe a timed cooldown, like it can be clicked once a week/month;; that doesnt reset the cooldown time

i am trying to set it so that the default rank can use it then after they use it it gives them the next rank but everytime a default rank player clicks on it says no perms

this is the sign

the default perms

am i doing something wrong?

You deserve a medal! How long I’ve been waiting for this!

I’ll be donating to this plugin that’s for sure.

Can signs be activated with Redstone? Example; if a player flips levers in the wrong order it will spawn a Mob.

The value of “permission” is a permission, not a group

You have set “permission” to “default”, which is a group

You have to set “permission” to a custom permission that the group “default” have

So your CSigns config would be:

permission: csigns.pokegive

And your Permissions config would be:


  • csigns.pokegive
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It will be added in the next version

What do you mean by “the wrong order” ?

alright thanks for the explanation great plugin will def donate once my paycheck comes in :slight_smile:

So i’d love to donate; however it takes me to a spigot link; is there by chance a paypal you could link to?

Here it is :slight_smile: thank you

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You don’t need to worry about it that, I’d build a circuit to remember the lever states. I just want the sign to be able to be triggered by redstone as well as players.

Also bug report: I am no longer able to use color/style formatting since installing your plugin.
&l&6this text is bold and gold!

The text just displays the formatting as plain text.

A new version has been released for CommandSigns Reloaded, it is available for download here.

Added cooldown

A new version has been released for CommandSigns Reloaded, it is available for download here.

Added redstonable

I cannot either use colors formatting even without my plugin. Are you sure this is caused by my plugin?

I cannot as i haven’t tested it since; I’ll reload it after class and see.
I can tell you that the only change I’ve made was the addition of your plugin when it had stopped working.