Commission - Clear Chat Logger


About us

My community, DragonTechMC, is a family friendly one, so keeping our chats in check is important, we need to make sure that we are safeguarding our users and keeping out the trolls and troublemakers.

Work Needed

I am looking to create a chat logger which allows my admins to be able to read chat clearly without wading through lines of errors, log in code, etc. Since Forge changed the logs and their layouts recently, they have become very difficult to read to check for troublemakers and reports of abuse.

It’s function will be to create a completely new log file which will only log player’s messages and commands, and any chat which comes up on console (broadcasts etc.). This will not include colour codes, and will look clear and easy to read. Example of what it might look like. I am using Nucleus for a lot of services, so it might be helpful to use some of thier API.

Also as an option, I’d like to be able to paste into a link (like GriefPrevention’s Debug) the last 1k lines of chat log so that you do not have to access console to get the latest of the logs. Although I’m not sure how this would work or how hard it would be to set up, so that would be something to discuss later and is not a priority.

I will post the plugin will be posted publicly on the Sponge forums (And on Ore, if it’s possible for you to upload to someone else’s ore repo).

Rate/ Budget

I have a budget of $50-$100 for this project, however as I have no idea how much work this will require, it is very negotiable.


  • The repo will be created publicly as a com.dragontechmc.dtclearchatlogger in our Github group.
  • You will have full credit for your work on Github, Ore and the Sponge Forums, and are welcome to use it in a portfolio, however the plugin will be owned by DragonTechMC, and any forks will come under our licence for that plugin.
  • The fee will include any bug fixes (but not enhancements) for a negotiable amount of time.


Either via the Sponge Forums, or via Discord (prefered) - yepidoodles#5971 - Please make sure you link this post when messaging me.


doesn’t nucleus already offer this?


I didn’t know about it, so I enabled it before work and honestly it’s not that great, doesn’t include logins/logouts, afks etc. I mean I could ask Nucleus to add all the extra stuff, however I know how busy DualSpiral is so I’m still interested in having the plugin commissioned. Thank you for bringing it to my attention though.