Common issues when debugging Sponge



I am working on documentation for debugging Sponge. Common issues one might encounter has been suggested as a topic for the documentation. Since I am not familiar enough with Sponge to write this myself, I am asking for help in writing this page.

If there is an issue that you run into regularly while debugging Sponge, please provide that issue and steps to resolve it.

Thank you!


I get asked to fix code a few times and majority of thouse issues comes to the issue that the chunk they are attempting to work on is not loaded in.

So if you are working with chunks that have a possibility of not being loaded when your working on them, (as in if you know the chunk will be loaded as a Player is on that same chunk then don’t bother with this) then load the chunk in before you start working on it.

Same priciple goes for unloaded worlds too.


One thing which just came to my mind: Actually calling Task.Builder#submit. (Same issue as with Android and its makeToast and show).

And then there would be countless other things that go wrong, but those are actually programming / Java mistakes (like using static variables in inappropriate places, screwed logic, bad/seemingly random variables names, …)