Compatibility With Custom Plugins?

Hey, we’re running a Pixelmon server on 1.7.10 and want to use Sponge to update to a 1.8 version of the mod but we use a number of custom plugins that we’re struggling to make Sponge compatible with. What steps would need to be taken and is it possible that the custom plugins could not be used for 1.8? If anyone can provide any help it’d be greatly appreciated!


What kind of plugins? Forge mods, Bukkit plugins, or just SpongeAPI plugins using the pre-beta API?

Note as well that Sponge is only currently supported on 1.8.9 - Pixelmon builds are available for this too.

We have a permissions plugin, a world protection plugin, a skripting plugin, world editing plugin, a world border plugin, a shop plugin, an economy plugin, a chat system plugin, and other various miscellaneous game plugins, all of which are Bukkit plugins as well as the Pixelmon mod.

PermissionsEX is available for Sponge, WorldEdit and Voxelsniper too. There are shop/economy/protection/“eesential” plugins too, but you might have to choose alternatives instead of direct replacements.

Sorry, giving the list of plugins probably would have been more helpful. Anyways I believe the following are all the plugins implemented: Worldedit, Ultrabans, BukkitCompat, Plugman, Merchant, Worldborder, SkQuery, Votifier, SignEdit, WildSkript, PermissionsEx, MineResetLite, SimpleVoteListener, Vault, CommandBook, GriefPrevention, Unscramble, Herochat, WorldGuard, Fe, SpawnMod, VanishNoPacket, Limited Creative, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, Info-Board and ChestShop.

Bukkit plugins are not compatible with Sponge. You will either need to get a version that was designed to work with Sponge, or find an alternative that works with Sponge.

There is Pore, however a lot of stuff simply isn’t implemented and therefore will break many plugins.

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