Competition: ArrowProject
Looks like we got competition…

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I wouldn’t call it a competition. It’s just another server mod.

But Sponge has the biggest community. I think it has the biggest chances.

We need to kidnap their wives, burn their crops and steal their precious metals!!!

btw “cummunity”? :smiley:

Q: Will this support Bukkit plugins? A: No it will not because of legal reasons.

Bye ArrowProject.


By that measure, bye Sponge.

Hence why there is a plugin porting section in here. :)

Everyone, vote ‘No, You shouldn’t Sponge is already good enough.’ - because it is!
Not only will we have bukkit plugin porting, isn’t there also Pore which will be able to run Bukkit plugins as well?


You shouldn’t even call this a “competition” for Sponge. Sponge has developers working on it from every corner of pretty much all Minecraft communities. It’s like a unity. I’m not going to expect a couple of unseen before developers even release this project successfully.


Well actually it was them who called it competition, i just repeted.
And according to their thread : “Has been created by over 60 coders and developers”

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they all know what they are doing. I’m not against their idea, but to me it seems like all they want is some attention because of what Sponge (and similar stuff like this) are getting so much of it. Why should they re-invent the wheel?

Yep, that’s most likely the case.

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You can either port your plugins, or use a plugin to run plugins(a.k.a. Pore).

Well I don’t think it’s competition if it’s one-sided lol

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My point is that the same legal restrictions that prevent Arrow from providing a bridge also affect Sponge.

Well we got the best and talented coders, so we win :smiley: (And our forum looks better xD)

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Lol yeah, I like how they used proboards as a forums service xD

It looks like they are gone in a week or two. Just wait for their fate!

Er… As you might not know we are still working on Arrow. The forums are upgraded and we have a bigger fanbase, some new threads, fans and over 30 devs.

  • xxmarijnw (Arrow Project Lead)

Couldn’t connect to the forum link. Free website server maxed out it’s connections/bandwidth. Not an auspicious sign IMHO…


Good Luck - the ultimate judge will be the community.

We are currently switching hosts. Sorry for the inconvidence.

  • xxmarijnw