Component System, Where lives an Entity?

I wrote a tutorial for the new ComponentSystem.
Where does my entites lives?

Why gdrive?
As long no wiki is available, gdrive docs are the best soluation to work together on a turoial.


How can I grab all zombies in an area?
Why Zombies are not all entities that have a Zombie TypeComponent?

Thanks to @Zerot for his help

Sounds awesome. Perhaps we could have squids which teleport (and receive damage) when they touch water, like endermen do.

Nice, I din’t read the blog, but the document made it easy to understand. I was confused about how the component system worked, but this works out well and will allow more custom mobs.

Discourse has a thing called “wiki posts”. You could also just put the tutorial in a regular topic rather than linking (that’s what uses in their howto section)

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Or if you could replace creepers with a tnt block, you could have tnt blocks walking around the map blowing people up. That would be a strange thing to see.

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Only foreseeable problem with this is it would make programming specific things that interact with entities (such as players) a lot more difficult. Instead of Sponge.getPlayer(“name”).teleport(location); it would be Sponge.getEntity(Sponge.getPlayerUUID(“name”)).getComponent(Movable.class).teleport(location);

Would this actually be the case or would there be implementation/wrapper classes?