Computer Crashed, Now Server Won't Start


My computer crashed and when I tried to reopen the server it crashed (Repeatedly).

Here is the crash report:

Someone has already suggested that I restore the world from a backup, but this is my first time making a server and I didn’t have any backup.

Thanks in advance for any help I can get!


While this might not be the case here, usually if the server crashes, the world gets corrupted… There isn’t much that can be done to fix that…aside from restoring a backup.


Is there a way to know for certain if that’s the case? and there’s no way to fix a corrupted world?


Try deleting the level_sponge.dat file in the world.


Just want to make sure, what exactly will that do? Will players lose their inventories and such?

Since I don’t have a backup, I’m hesistant to delete and change things without knowing what they do first


level_sponge.dat is just some sponge-specific settings for optimization, plus the world UUID, portal agent type, dimension ID, etc. Basically stuff in NBT format that otherwise the server would be collecting from various other places. It won’t break anything, except maybe things that depend on world UUIDs, but that’s moot right now because if you got this error the file is already corrupted, so consider it already deleted. It’ll get restored from level_sponge.dat_old IIRC.


Yeah, I have the same concern


Ah, I see, so realistically, it won’t delete anything? Because I want to be totally sure that stuff is indeed corrupted.




One way you know for sure it’s corrupted is if the file size is 0gb. The first thing I do is to look for 0gb files when trouble shooting a world issue


No, that’s not a corrupted file. A corrupted file is when one bit got shifted or something. What you are describing is an empty file. A way you know for sure it’s corrupted is when there’s a ZipException while trying to read it, because that’s literally the only thing that causes it.