Computer Frustration

Computer Weirdness

:computer: Has your computer ever seemed like it was plotting against you?

Could you swear at times it knows when you are doing something important and just wants to mess with you?

This is the official thread for weird computer behavior, if you computer has done anything notable, creepy or made you just wanna hit it with a sledgehammer tell your story here! :fire:


Every time I get a blue screen.

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When I want to enumerate formulas in Microsoft Word…

When LUbuntu was using an unused VGA port as the main screen. 6 screen ports to chose from and it chose the only one not populated. I had to boot to the command line and edit the display config file using vi.


Here’s one I prepared earlier…


Yeah go to, linux kernel oops on flashplayer load -_-.

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rm -R /
It isn’t a fun command


When Steam Family sharing doesn’t work for no reason

rm -R /etc/
Man I suck at linux

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Who gets blue screens anymore… lol.

I do, The computers we have at school get them at least once a week, when a week depends from pc to pc.

Absolutely no one except for m- @BitByte.exe has crashed.

Well that is because (assuming your schools IT department is anything like mine was) the computers are not running net booted VMs, and are constantly having malware installed by stupid people that should be forever banished to Mac OSX for their and everyone around them’s safety.

In all seriousness that’s more of a IT computer setup issue, and I get net boot VMs aren’t exactly feasible in school districts that have fewer resources, but I would definitely not recommend using school computers as benchmarks. They are the epitome of abused.

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My old main comp, the previous one to my current main one kept on frying memory modules all the time, probably 1-3 sets of them every year, as such that thing wasn’t very stable and was crashing quite a lot. The old comp was an AMD 64 3500+ on a Gigabyte motherboard. That comp finally died completely a couple years ago, form blown caps on the board.

And the comp that I had before the AMD 64 one also had problems, it had a somewhat faulty cpu, and wasn’t able to run SSE code properly at times causing programs that had that to crash randomly. If what ever program that I had running didn’t have any SSE stuff in it, it was rock solid stable on that system. That comp had an AMD XP 1700+ in it.