Conflict between tfc all temperature systems and sponge help

I’m trying to set up a Sponge server using TerraFirmaCraft.
After testing, it was found that all heating-related systems would be ineffective under Sponge, such as pit kiln, forging and other gameplay.
I don’t want to replace the sponge, hope to be able to get help here, thank you all

TerraFirmaCraft’s page:

Not tried it myself, but you could try adding the mod id to the sponge global config for network async ignore (on mobile so cant look up the actual name without tabbing out)

Often mods do things that the Minecraft engine shouldnt allow, sponge expects all mods to act in the rules set by the minecraft engine, so when mods don’t, it causes issues for other mods so in a attempt to bring compatibility to all mods (and give the best shot at plugins to mod interaction) Sponge attempts to force these rules. However that then has the issue of mods breaking (in most cases ive experienced without a error)

This global config option tells sponge that there is a error with that mod if its forced, so where possible, shouldnt be forced to run in the way MC expects

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This did work, successfully solved my problem, thank you so much for your help, I love spong!

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