Connect Spigot and Paper on Bungeecord

Hey, so I’m currently trying to connect two server with bungeecord. My main server (lobby) runs on spigot, while the minigame server I want to connect runs on sponge. I tried to set everything up but failed somehow, I get the error message “could not connect to a default or fallback server” when I enter /server servername. It is even possible to connect these and what could I have done wrong?

Thank you so much.

  1. I advise you to use a WaterFall.
  2. Without a BungeeCord configuration file, it’s unlikely that someone will tell you a solution. Most likely, the servers are not configured correctly.
  3. Does everything work for you on one server? What type of host?

Hey, so I got it working using Spongevanilla instead of Spongeforge. Thank you anyway!