Connecting to Sponge's IRC


Im just gonna say, my old neighbor still hates me and probably knows my password since its a really old one that we use to share age of empire accounts with so
Yeah gonna change it now.


I was just trying to talk, but it appears that I’m +m on #sponge? Or am I just stupid?


I can’t vouch for your intelligence, but there was a massive muting of any nickname matching bot so you were blocked. I’ve removed that mute and will work to better eliminate bots individually.


Just curious, why was that?


This seems a bit obvious.


I pretty much assumed that, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked around and figured this was the best place to ask a question about the IRC.

Is #spongedev for plugin development, development for sponge itself, both, or should discussion of plugin dev be discussed on #sponge?


The channel ‘#spongedev’ is for both development of the SpongeAPI and related implementations, as well as plugin development via SpongeAPI.

The channel ‘#sponge’ is for general discussion about the Sponge project itself.


Good to know, @FerusGrim, I feel discussion of plugin development and sponge development should be separated, not sure why. To me, a plugin dev, the sponge implementation and ideas discussed in spongedev are alien discussions that I can’t understand and don’t care to try to understand. Meanwhile, I believe some people sending PR’s to sponge couldn’t care less about plugin development.


Most times it’s best to just ask about your problems with plugins in #spongedev as most devs are in there.

If you want to know more about the docs / discuss about the Docs, you might join #spongedocs too :smile:


Any advice if you forgotten your username’s password?


There’s a good documentation on NickServ at


In that link that FerusGrim sent you, you can find the command

/msg NickServ SENDPASS <nickname>

Check your email after that.


Was checking this to see if it was still relevant, and found this [quote]but it’s not really useful if you’re planning to actively participate in the chatrooms as these don’t really support bouncers (explained later on)[/quote]
That part never ever gets mentioned.


just in case the security-conscious people in the crowd are freaking out – no, it doesn’t email your password. only a reset token. passwords are pbkdf2’d many many times.


Is it possible we could see a Sponge Discord server? I find it much easier to deal with than IRC and it’s gaining a lot of traction. Just thought I’d put it out there!


There’s an officially unofficial discord somewhere on the forums. Do a search, it should come up.



Do you have a working invite?


Oh… that link is broken? That’s the only one I knew of.


Please don’t necropost in old threads with unrelated topics.