Connecting to Sponge's IRC

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are having trouble connecting to Sponge’s IRC channel, even though it’s pretty simple. IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat and is used widely across the internet, most among developers. You can join a particular chat-room of your choice and talk to other’s interested in the same stuff. The official Sponge chatroom is #sponge, on the networks and requires you to be registered with NickServ.

Step 1: Picking an IRC Client

There are a wide variety of IRC Clients out there, and all of them are much a like. Below is a summary of clients you can use:
###Webclients (cross-platform)###
This is the easiest way to connect to an IRC network but it’s not really useful if you’re planning to actively participate in the chatrooms as these don’t really support bouncers (explained later on). Some of the good ones out there:
Kiwi IRC
CIRC (Chrome extension)
Esper Webchat
Chatzilla (Firefox addon)

###HexChat (Windows/Linux/OS X)###
Hexchat is a free and open-source client which is an excellent choice for beginners and veterans. It comes packed with the most of the functions you’ll ever need on IRC.
HexChat Downloads

###mIRC (Windows)###
mIRC is a paid client (though it offers a trial). It has a different look and even though it has almost the same features as any other IRC client, it may be worth having a look as lot’s of people like it.
mIRC Downloads

###Colloquy (OS X)###
Colloquy is a free IRC client which has adapted the OS X look into it’s client. It has a very nice feel to it and again offers most of the features you need. This is OS X only.
Colloquy Downloads

Konversation (Linux KDE)###

Most Linux users have their own favorite client and there are lot’s out there but for the ones who don’t know where to start there is Konversation. This is your generic IRC client packed with all the goodies you’ll need to become a true master.
Building Konversation from source

Step 2: Configuring your IRC Client.

Most IRC clients come with a set of preconfigured networks so that you don’t have to configure that yourself. Esper is the most popular IRC network for the Minecraft modding community. You can find a list of servers on their site(or you can connect to You want to select the server closest to you so you’ll have as little latency as possible. If you’re still having trouble configuring your client, you can always check out your clients knowledge base.

##Step 3: Registering with NickServ##
Registering with NickServ is a requirement to join most of the bigger channels (including #sponge), and will also protect your username to be used by others.

Enter the command /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email> , replacing <password> with your preferred password and <email> with your current email adress.

You’ll see something like:

An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to <email>. If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire... 

Now the only thing you’ll have to do now is enter the command that got sent to your email adress. It should look similar to: /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER <yourname> <code>
Once you’ve entered that command you should see something like:

Thank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.

Now you should be all set to chat on! You can join the sponge channel by entering the command /join #sponge (only on the esper network).
###List of most used IRC commands###

/join #channelname :joins that particular IRC channel.
/part #channelname :leaves that particular IRC channel
/msg username :sends a private message to a user across the network.
/nick newnickname :changes your nickname.


Was just thinking about this! Thank you for writing it up :slight_smile:

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You could also add Firefox’s ChatZilla to the list of IRC client too.

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Added that to the list of webclients, thanks for the suggestion!

You should add the /query command to the most used list, it is a pretty nice command to know.

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No love for irssi? This topic is disappointing


It looks very fancy indeed, but I don’t think it is something you want to give to people that join IRC for the first time xD.

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I can’t seem to figure out how to connect to the IRC through HexChat.

What issue are you having? Can you show me a screenshot of how far you’ve made it?

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Set the server to and add #sponge to the autojoin channels. #Sponge is a channel not a server. I have edited the main post to clarify that a bit more. Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:


Does anyone else have the problem with mIRC where it’ll try to join the channels too quickly when you log in to the server(when you have an auto join set for the esper server), and it tries to join them before the identify goes through, making it so it will fail to join the channels without manually doing it when you get onto the IRC server.

If you configure AJOIN with NickServ, you can make NickServ put you into these channels AFTER authentication :).
Remove your auto join channels in your client and you’re set.

We have the most users: IRC Networks > Esper > Channels

[07:24:09] FiXato> I just read your irc tutorial on Connecting to Sponge's IRC - it’s fairly decent, but you suggest users to select an irc server closest to the user because of latency. I would advise against that, and use the round robin, or and at most. Latency rarely is a problem anymore in these days, whereas specific
[07:24:09] FiXato> servers not being available because they are temporarily or permanently offline, or not available due to DDoS, is far more common…
[07:26:58] FiXato> Also, you mention the /msg username command, but leave out the actual message in the command syntax :wink:
[07:27:55] FiXato> anyway, do with my suggestions as you see fit :slight_smile:

The only reason I posted that^ was because -no one- reply to FiXato which made me very disappointed in Sponge with that amount of people.

Well, most of the people there don’t see stuff. You gotta ping sbdy that is not currently AFK xD

Why am I banned from #sponge when I haven’t ever joined the channel??

@phroa might be able to help.

Though you’ve now been unbanned, here’s some friendly log from Feb 14th/15th

[23:55:53] <sfxworks> Anyone want a 10$ credit for digital ocean?
[23:56:44] <sfxworks> Yes? Ohkay [MBAX EDIT: LINK CENSORED]
[23:56:49] <sfxworks> Thanks guys
[23:57:58] <@mbaxter> That's a referral link.
[23:58:08] <hawtre> inb4 ban hammer
[23:58:31] <sfxworks> oh
[23:58:32] <sfxworks> I mean
[23:58:43] <sfxworks> Don't look at the shiny blue letters I made
[23:58:47] <sfxworks> they're not important
[23:58:51] <sfxworks> Infact, i wasnt even here.
[23:58:54] <@mbaxter> And not just a referral link, but one hidden behind a shortener
[23:58:55] <hawtre> Joining an IRC channel and immediately posting a referral link isn't great
[23:58:58] * sfxworks (~sfxworks@2606:a000:ddc0:9a00:84f0:d23b:7cf3:d9d3) has left #sponge
[23:59:17] <@mbaxter> If he'd stuck around and chatted, I'd be more interested in not doing this
[23:59:19] * sfxworks (~sfxworks@2606:a000:ddc0:9a00:84f0:d23b:7cf3:d9d3) has joined #sponge
[23:59:20] <sfxworks> [sorry]
[23:59:23] * mbaxter sets mode: +b $a:sfxworks
[23:59:29] <@mbaxter> Oh, and he rejoins while I type that.
[00:00:01] <@mbaxter> Rule 2 is NO SPAM
[00:00:07] <@mbaxter> Rule 8 is no blatant advertising
[00:00:22] <@mbaxter> sfxworks: What were you thinking?
[00:00:38] <@mbaxter> Golly, I think I'll try profiting off a large channel on the network!```

Your NickServ account was registered prior to the ban.

```03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- Information on sfxworks (account sfxworks):
03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- Registered : Feb 07 13:28:14 2015 (5 weeks, 2 days, 13:48:09 ago)
03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- Entity ID  : AAAAAAM7P
03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- Last addr  : [email protected]
03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- Last seen  : Mar 16 20:18:33 2015 (6 hours, 57 minutes, 50 seconds ago)
03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- Flags      : HideMail
03:16 -NickServ([email protected])- *** End of Info ***```