ConnectToSocial - Feel connected with your players

ConnectToSocial is an easy to use plugin which adds the /social command.
This command can be used to search for players social information like twitter/facebook name,
or to add your own social information.
The players info is saved in a generated file
(you can find it in the ConnectToSocial directory in the mods folder).

Platforms supported by this plugin:
Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Steam and E-Mail.


  • social

Github Repo

Note: You can only download snapshots, this will change if Sponge is fully released.
Note: This plugin was originally made for a certain server but publicly released for bukkit and now ported for Sponge.


That’s Pretty Cool.

10/10 would use this.

There should be an interface so other plugins can integrate this with a website.

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Please do not attempt to validate the email. it’s a far bigger pain in the ass then it’s worth and will negatively impact your users experience more then fake email addresses will in this case.

If anyone still uses this I would like to see Enjin support because Enjin has support for Minecraft.