Console spam from EntityplayerMP wrong chunk

so for the past 2 days my console has been spammed by this message with and without players online on the galacticraft modpack.
any ideas how to fix it or at liest hide the message?

spongeforge _aspongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.1.11-RC4007

Please update to the latest stable release. You should also check this player for cheats.

updating to latest didn’t work all it did was break one of the dimensions and the error moved to the overworld hes also not cheating. the error itself doesnt bother me, the utterly excessive console spam is whats anoying.

Try the “ConsoleFilter” mod. This information will still be in the logs, but the console will be clean. Саму проблему мод не исправит, а только скроет.

Fixed it, sponge had decided to create its own DIM folders buried inside its configs for previously deleted spacestations, removing those got rid of the console spam even though those DIm’s didnt exist anymore.